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As we look forward to the launch of our new logo and branding on 27 July (our 3rd birthday) we have been on a nostalgic journey through runday’s visual history.

Last week, we explored the making of the smiley logo and how the runday team developed the concept from Dasha’s inspired artwork. Today, I want to share another design that joined runday to inspire and support our 5k events.

His name is Sergey the Squirrel! Sergiy was created to help us emphasise that runday is a fun and friendly community. As a squirrel, we also wanted him to be an ambassador for the parks and open spaces where we run. As you can see, he wasn’t the most beautiful child, but since his arrival he has been a much-loved feature on the top of your profile page and the home screen of the runday race-management app.

I’m happy to say that, despite the rebranding, Sergiy is staying with us and those crazy eyes will be waiting for you to login, so he can remind you not to forget your QR code.

So, please show your support for Sergiy, print your QR code and join us for a run on Saturday morning!