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What is Kharkiv runday?

A weekly 5km runday race with a time lag.

Check the Facebook page.


From April to October: Every Saturday at 9 am. But at 8:30 am we start our collective warm-up, so come earlier 🙂

From November to March: Every Saturday at 10 am. Warm-up at 9:30 am.

For whom?

We are waiting for everyone who wants and loves to run. We will be happy if you join us with the whole family. Your pets can also run the track. We don’t have age limits. Сhoosing tracks, we strive to find those that are suitable for participants in wheelchairs. We welcome all without an exception and will wait until the last participant finishes its track.


We meet near the Gorky Park restaurant, 81, Sumy street. The start and finish line is at the park’s gates from the restaurant side.


  • Join our Kharkiv runday facebook group for race alerts and info.
  • If you are running for the first time please be sure to sign up on the runday website and read the description of the route .
  • Print and don’t forget your QR code!
  • After the race get your time on the results page.
  • New and amateur runners are always welcome. We will support you and help you enjoy runday.
  • runday exists thanks to volunteers who love running and have the inspiration to popularize it. Check out our volunteering page if you also want to join us.


We run along the fence to the children’s railway. keep left and continue the route passing football fields and straight to the roller arena. We run around the arena and continue to run along the nearest road to the back of the Cinema. Near the cinema, we keep right and run out onto a two-lane avenue and turn left. Then we run to the fence, along which we started. Turn right to the gate. And then do the same circle.

One circle is 2,5 km.

Safety on the road:

We try to make our races as safe as possible but when running, please, pay attention to other road users, cars and the usual hazards you can find on Ukrainian roads/paths. And some more:

  • Be assured that you are ready to run 5 km and feel good on the day of the race.
  • Warm up at the beginning and cool down after the running
  • If you see the runner got sick or felt bad, please, stop and help him, or do everything to get him professional help as soon as possible.
  • You can run with your pet. The only rule is to keep it on a leash and control your pet behavior throughout the entire distance.
  • The organization is not liable for any injuries or other unpleasant situations that could happen to you during the race. Stay safe and sound!
  • A first Aid kit is available at all races.


A rope/line is provided for bags and jackets, so you don’t need to worry about storage, however as this is a public event we cannot guarantee the safety of your items so please use common sense and don’t leave any expensive or valuable items.

Race Organiser: Mykola Kitchenko (; Tel: +380 66 387 85 45
Race Director: Mykola Kitchenko (; Tel: +380 66 387 85 45
Volunteer Organiser: Mykola Kitchenko (; Tel: +380 66 387 85 45

Alternative Contacts