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You did it! You’ve ran your kilometres. With us – the traditional 5, and somewhere – maybe more.

Congratulations, you won! If you didn’t beat others, then at least yourself. And this is perhaps your most important victory.

Your body feels the ascension, and at the same time – fatigue, because you set out to the full. What is the first thing to do? To eat!

Vita Verde is happy to support the runday community. First of all, the Vita Verde is always where a healthy lifestyle prevails. Secondly, Vita Verde really has something to offer to those who attends runday every Saturday, regardless of weather.

These are our healthy, full of energy and nutrients meals.

  1. Ready salads from Vita Verde. 5 recipes to choose – from traditional Caesar for those who feel like a distant ringleader to very interesting and unusual vegetarian salads for adherents of a plant diet. Plus, two Mediterranean salads are the golden mean for all who appreciate the harmony of taste and goodness.
  2. Fruit mixes from Vita Verde. You can even sweeten the taste of victory and freshen up your impressions. Carefully selected fresh fruits of the highest quality – authentic or exotic, of your choice.

Both the Vita Verde’s ready-made salads and fruit mixes, thanks to the modern high-tech packaging, fully preserve the original freshness of vegetables and fruits and are ready to be used at any convenient moment. The design of the packaging guarantees the convenience of transportation and use in all conditions.

Just add that now it’s not necessary to specially look for Vita Verde ready-made salads or fruit mixes in supermarkets. Today you can make one click and get to the Vita Verde online store, get all the products you choose at home, at the office or even at the start of your run.

By the way, it is in the online store that you can get acquainted with all kinds of Vita Verde products, diversify your menu and add even more health, benefits and taste. Vita Verde products are a useful satellite not only for the distance, it can be useful anywhere, wherever you are. After all, healthy life does not end in the finish line. Healthy life is first and foremost a healthy diet, and Vita Verde provides it to you.