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One of the benefits of runday, besides sport, is the community: you never know who you meet this Saturday.


Almost 3 years ago, when the runday team had its first run on Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv, all members of this team had one common desire – to do a good deed. Namely – to bring a culture of running and regular sports in all corners of Ukraine.

After all, Ukraine plans to join the European Union and this has given us a topic for reflection and discussion, as well as an impetus for self-improvement. It’s now much easier to travel to Europe, and one of the first differences that catches your eye when walking on the streets of a European city – the runners. Regardless of time or season, sex, or age – people go jogging. They run through parks, streets of cities, and it’s common and normal. Is it healthy? I think the answer is obvious.

Currently, the running culture in Ukraine is developing very actively, more and more marathons are being organized in country’s various corners, and it is encouraging. But, as the trend shows, mostly this are serious races for quite  long distance. But how to start running?

The answer is runday. We are incredibly proud of the volunteers and organizers who make a good deed every week for their cities, people and Ukraine in general, giving them an opportunity to run their first 5 kilometers, get to know some other runners or prepare for a marathon.

Starting this project, we did not know exactly what reaction and feedback was expected from the participants, and would it be interesting to the Ukrainians. We were incredibly surprised by interest and support we received from the participants.

Now we have one more city, and another volunteer – Julia Basyuk from Lutsk, who wants to do a good deed and open runday in her city. Today we have collected 1040 hryvnias from 15,000 needed to purchase necessary equipment for races in Lutsk.

And today you have the opportunity to do a good deed too – to help Julia open runday in Lutsk. This link provides information on how to transfer money. Also share runday Lutsk Facebook page with your friends and tell them about this cool project!

We believe that good action has great power, and we strive to give everyone the opportunity to feel its good effect.

And, of course, if you are in Lviv, Odessa, or another of the 10 cities where runday races are organized, join us this Saturday!

See you 🙂