Being a Runday volunteer is easy 🙂
Come and support Ukraine’s best running movement with your family and friends. Meet new people and spend Saturday morning actively!

A huge thanks to everyone who takes the decision to help on our progression. You are the best! 🙂

Main Volunteer roles:

  • Race Organiser:  Race organisers are responsible for the full range of Runday activities in a particular place. This is the team leader and the go-to person for organisational issues. Most Directors also act as director of the race. 
  • Race Director: Directors run individual races. He/She is responsible for determining whether the conditions are suitable for the race, and – if necessary – can change the route of the race (due to the emergence of new barriers or increased risk), to postpone the start or, in exceptional circumstances, cancel the race that day (usually the main reason for this is very extreme weather conditions). He/She is responsible for the organisation and management of the other volunteers.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  – a role in which you can help beforehand and on the day of the race. Coordinators are responsible for compiling volunteer lists, and they help to make sure that enough volunteers are available for each race.
  • Race Prep: Race Preps help to prepare the race prior to the start and may then participate as a runner.
  • Briefing Newcomers. Volunteers in this position must have enough experience to participate in Runday, and they instruct new runners how it all works and what to do after the finish.
  • Time Keeper. The time keeper is responsible for recording the finish times of runners. Time Keepers record each participant who crossed the finish line using a special mobile app. This data is saved and combined with data from volunteers who scan runner QR-codes. 
  • Reserve Time Keeper – this is the volunteer who can act as an additional timer as needed. 
  • Position Ticketer: Position Ticketers wait for runners at the finish and allocate everyone who finished a number. This role requires a certain skill and ability to avoid confusion in the face of increasing load. 
  • QR Scanner: Volunteers in this position are responsible for scanning the QR codes of the runners using a special Mobile App. 
  • Marshal: Marshals help, encourage and guide runners during the race. They warn runners of obstacles or potential hazards and communicate to other park visitors about the race.  
  • Finish Line Coordinator: He/She is responsible for the smooth-running of the finish area. 
  • Tail Runner: The Tail Runner is the last runner in the race. Tail runners mark the end of the race, but they are also available to help runners who need assistance during the run. 


Additional Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Result Coordinator: In some cases, an additional volunteer may be required to manage and upload the race data.  They may also correct any inaccuracies in the results.
  • Clear-Uppers: Clear-uppers help clear everything away at the end of the race, which means they can also take run in the race if they wish. After the race, volunteers to help collect and pack all the equipment and remove any debris that remains after the race.
  • Photographers: Snap photos of the race and upload them to the Runday Facebook page. Anyone who wants that has any photo equipment can make photos of our races. If you have pictures of the race, which you want to share, please contact the organisers of the event and you will be told how to do it.
  • Lead cyclist: He/she travels ahead of the first runners to show them the way, and in a friendly manner to warn other visitors to the park / area that is moving the road a group of runners. In addition, the cyclist is paving the way for the leader of the race, as is well know the route and be suitable for such an event bike. 
  • Report Writer: This role is performed after the race, so you can also help, and run. This work is to write and upload weekly news about events and news page on the social network.
  • PR-volunteers: write and track articles and reports about Runday and our races and establishing communication with the media and the public.