Volunteer FAQ’s

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please, email us to info@runday.org.

How and to what address to send the results of that theme file?

After fixing the results, long press on the name of the file(see the screenshot on the right)screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-14-20-04
and wait until the green “Share” screen will appear, choose “Share”, choose your email app and send the results to the info@runday.org.

The subject should look like this:
[Location] + TIME or SCAN (depending on what is in that file) + Date

E.g. for the Timekeeper of the race in Ternopil it will be:
Ternopil TIME 26-10-2016

For volunteer who scanned QR-codes on the race in  Lviv it will be:
Lviv SCAN 26-10-2016

What if the person is registered, but do not remember the ID?

If a person has participated in the previous races, then, if possible, you can look for the ID in the table of the previous races’ results.
Otherwise you put  “0” in the ID field, and the finish position number in the field “Token”. The column “Name” will contain “UNKNOWN” in the results table.

What if the person is registered and remember the number of ID, but do not have printed or electronic QR-code?

In this case, you can enter its ID number in the “ID” line in the app instead scanning the QR-code.

What if the person is not registered, but came to the race?

Our races are open to everyone, including unregistered users (their result are not recorded). But you can suggest people to sign up on the site using a smartphone, it does not take much time. The main thing is for people to remember/save the ID (for example, to make a screenshot of the profile page).

If the person does not want to register, but takes part in the race, then during the scanning, you put “0” to the ID field and in the finish position number to the field “Token”.