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Food Partners in Kyiv


This cafe will serve you the best crepes in the world! You can order them with all kinds of fillings – sweet or savory: fresh berries, jam, honey, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, etc. Besides crepes you can order other dishes.

Book your table before coming (Tatiana 0677336414).

Address: Khoryva St, 14, Kyiv, 04071




This Italian style restaurant will serve you the freshest eggs, oat meals, soups, salads, and other breakfasts dishes to fill you in after a good 5 km run.

Book your table before coming: tel. 095 285 1081.

Address: Petra Sahaidachnoho St, 22/1, Kyiv, 04071

Sweet Atelier

This place will serve you the freshest sandwiches, fruit salads, cupcakes, cheesecakes! Come for a breakfast here if you want something light and delicious!

Address: Petra Sahaidachnoho St, 25, Kyiv, 04070

Sweet Atelier

This Mediterranean restaurant will be happy to offer you Italian, French and Spanish traditional dishes. You can find a great variety of breakfasts options there which are the perfect combination of healthy and tasty.

You can come there not only for a breakfast but at any time of the day. The discount will still be valid! 🙂

Address: Petra Sahaidachnogo str. 25, Kyiv 04070