Love Runday so much that you wonder why don’t more of your friends do it? Come back to the office every Monday talking about your 5k run and meet looks of jealousy? Or have family members wondering where you disappear every Saturday morning?

With our newly-developed function of team registration, signing up and running with your friends, family, or coworkers has never been easier! 

Just visit, click “Runday Teams,”  then “Create a Team” (or “Join a Team” if you would like to join an existing one), fill in the necessary information (such as team name, description, and the location where you’re based), and invite people to join. 

Note: in order to create or join a team, you must already have an account with Runday. Here’s where you can create one.

Every team has a team leader (i.e. the person that created the team) that will be able to manage new and existing team members. This team leader will have to confirm via email every person that wants to join the team.

Alona Lashchenko, project manager at Runday, has said that setting up an easy registration process for companies has been a long time ambition.

“Very often we have been asked by businesses and companies how they can join Runday, how they can support us. And finally, we can give them an answer, give them an opportunity to run as teams and, in that way, strengthen their work relationships, join a national community, and spend time together actively,” she said.

The option was previously operating in a test mode, which had limiting functions, but now “there are a lot more functions and it can be used fully,” Lashchenko explained. 

According to her, team members can run Ruday in different cities and still get their results under one team section. So, if you work for a company that has headquarters in Kyiv but branches in Ternopil and Kramatorsk, employees from any office can join your team and run with you.

If You need help registering or managing your team please contact Alona (