On 20th August a new city joined the runday family and 17 runners took part in the first Lviv runday!

Organising an event in a city 500km away posed many new challenges but with the help of our dedicated and enthusiastic local organisers everything went smoothly and the event was a great success. We even have a new runday champion Ростислав Карташов (runner #00255) with an amazingly fast time of 16 minutes and 18 seconds.

Thanks to Peter Martynov, Yevhen Kuzyk, Ruslan Ruzhytskyi and all the volunteers and runners for a great day. Oh, and thanks to ‘Good Morning Lviv’ for giving us some air time too 🙂

At the same time, our regular run took place on Trukhaniv Island and we look forward to some healthy (and friendly) competition between our two runday cities. So, now you have a choice, run in Kyiv or run in Lviv. Just make sure you run 🙂

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