Odessa: Shevchenko Park.

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A weekly 5km runday race at Shevchenko Park in Odessa.


April – October: Every Saturday at 9:00. But at 8:30 we start our collective warm-up, so come earlier 🙂
November – March: Every Saturday at 10:00. Warm-up at 9:30.

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Starting point on Google Maps.


The start point – Monument to Taras Shevchenko
Sabansky Ln, 2, Odesа

Starting point on Google Maps.
We start and run along the avenue to the monument of Shevchenko, without reaching it turns to the central alley of the park, we run along the Alexandria column, past the Chornomorets stadium. The whole way is the descent, we run to the ‘Walk of Fame’ and then to the beach Langeron. Then turn to the left towards Suvorov Avenue, we run and enjoy the view of the sea, the port and look at our beautiful stadium. Near the restaurant “Red Lobster” and at the end of the Suvorov alley turn left and return to the starting point. Repeat again the lap and 5 km completed!

What is the cost involved?

Participation is free! But please, sign up before the first race. You only need to register once, but don’t forget to print and bring your personal QR code. If you run without it, we cannot record your time.

How fast should I run?

We all run purely for pleasure. Get involved and just run as fast as you want!


  • Join our Facebook group for race alerts and info
  • Do not forget your QR code! You will find this on your profile page after registration.
  • If you are running for the first time please be sure to sign up on the runday website and read the description of the route .
  • After the race get your time on the results page.
  • New and amateur runners are always welcome. We will support you and help you enjoy runday.


The length of the route – 5000 m (5km)

Safety on the road:

We want to make our races as safer, so please adhere to the following rules:

  • Make sure you are physically able to run 5 km. Health advises for running, and other interesting and useful information can be found at http://nogibogi.com/
  • Be sure to warm-up before the race.
  • During the race, be careful and cautious on uneven surfaces: grass, gravel and asphalt. Pay attention to cyclists and other runners, children, dogs, pets, cars, work on landscaping the area, poles and other possible obstacles on the track.
  • Please, consider volunteering periodically. Runday races exist only thanks to your help.
  • Be careful along roads and parking – some machines can move very quickly. Avoid the cars and be extremely careful if you children. If you arrive by car, please drive carefully, even if late!
  • If you see a runner who is ill, please stop and help him/her or take care to get professional help as quickly as possible.
  • If you only watch the race and not take part in it, then please not disturb the volunteers. If you bring dogs or children please make sure they are supervised.
  • You can take part in the race with your dog but please keep it on a short leash and under control throughout the race.
  • We are also happy to see the race participants on wheelchairs. Just be very careful to runners around you.
  • Our race is free, which means that all participants take full responsibility for themselves.

We hope these tips will help to ensure the safety of each participant at Odessa Shevchenko Park runday  and we hope you enjoy our race!

Age Ratings:



A rope/line is provided for bags and jackets, so you don’t need to worry about storage, however as this is a public event we cannot guarantee the safety of your items so please use common sense and don’t leave any expensive or valuable items.


A first Aid kit is available at all races.

Race Organiser: Galina Artemova – 0938213893

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