Dear Runners,

Are you ready for a party? 
In just two days we will celebrate runday’s 3rd Birthday!
We launched runday on Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv in the summer of 2016 and runday has been growing ever since. We now run in 11 locations all across Ukraine and with the help of our amazing volunteers we have organized almost a thousand events.
6,500 people have registered with runday and together we have run about 77,000 kilometers! That’s 6,700 hours of running and almost twice around the world.
Put another way, you have burned almost 5 million calories which is equivalent to about 19,000 Big Macs34,000 cans of coke or 93,000 apples!! 
This is an amazing achievement, but we have only just started. Imagine what we could achieve if we had race locations in all the major towns and cities in Ukraine. Thousands more people could run every week and you would have hundreds of new locations to explore and run.  This is our goal and we hope you’ll be part of this journey.
You’re participation in runday events is what motivates us and we are always excited and happy to see you on Saturday morning 🙂
So, if you’re in Kyiv please join us for a special birthday run and afterparty, but wherever you are, please help us celebrate by joining your local runday event and taking your friends, family and colleagues with you.
Happy Running
Team Runday 
PS, Don’t forget your QR code!!