Hello! Do you remember what day is tomorrow? Tomorrow there will be a big Race for Equality in all runday locations, and we will be very happy to see you among the runners, volunteers and spectators. Just do not forget that from this Saturday we move to winter “time”, and the race will begin at 10:00!

Meanwhile, a new interview is already here, and one of the fastest runners on the Trukhaniv Island, Anna Efimenko, answered our questions.


What are your hobbies? What do you do for a living?

I love running, and I work as a geologist.

What kind of sports do you do? How long? Do you have any achievements yet?

I have been involved in orienteering for about 8 years (I have a KMS rank), and have been doing athletics at the amateur level for about 5 years (I train in the “Track & Speed club” running club), I am a 3-time winner of Kharkiv international Marathon, and also stood on pedestals of various races in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine.

How did you found runday?

In Facebook.

When did you start volunteering?

In May 2018 I volunteered for the first and only time.

How many runs have you attended already? What aims do you have?

At the moment I have visited about 12 races.

I want to run every time on PB (personal best).

I am an experienced runner and runday is not the first race, where I ran 5 km.

What do you think about when you’re running? 🙂

Most often, I think about the entire path  I made in the sport and these thoughts give the motivation to run even faster.

Who is the person who inspires you to do sports (friends, relatives, famous athletes, etc.)?

My favourite Track & Speed club and coaches who invest in us a lot motivate me the most.

Do you like the selected location? Why do you go there?

I love this location, and it is close to my home)


What is runday for you?

It’s a place where you can meet friends-runners and sometimes improve your PB.