How it Works (3 simple steps)

Step 1: Register for a Runner ID. 

Registration is free, open to everyone and takes just 5 minutes. You only need to register once on the runday website and then you can run in any runday race. Because you have one account and one runner ID (QR Code) all your times are recorded and attributed to you.

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Step 2: Print Your ID. 

Once you have registered you will see a QR code on your profile page. This QR code contains your runner ID, so it is all you need to run in a runday race. Print the code and bring it with you to the race.  If you forget, we won’t be able to give you a race time.

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1. One printout contains 4 QR codes/badges. We did this to save paper and so that you have spare copies. We suggest you leave it in your sports bag, in the car or any other place that you can remember. You need to bring your QR code to every race.
2. Attach your QR code to the front of your t-shirt using small lockable pins (nappy pins).

Step 3: Turn-up and Run!

Bring your ID and run. It’s a simple as this. This same runday ID/badge is valid for ALL future runday events 🙂


However, the fun doesn’t stop there because all our races are timed so you can check our website for your race time. You can monitor progress over time, compare your finish time with your friends and family and even compete to be the fastest time in your age group.

Because runday is a volunteer community, you can also participate without running – join us as a volunteer or race organiser.