Traditionally, in the “Interviews with Runners” column, our runners and volunteers tell us about themselves and their experiences. They are our heroes and pride, the people who make runday special, and for whom runday exists. They are all different, but united by the love to running and a healthy lifestyle.


Hello everyone!

My name is Alexander Krashtan, but you can call me Alex.

I’m working in marketing area. I also have a hobby. It’s sup2coffee – event, in which people are swimming on SUP boards, aimed to drink coffee in the destination point.

The sports I’m involved in are bicycle riding and SUP boarding. I’m proud of double 21km I made when I was younger.

I started running for myself. I don’t remember, where I found runday – maybe at Nike Club or FB.

My first volunteering took place when I was late to run.

I have an aim. I wanna be the fastest trailrunner. Once, the dog was chasing me in the middle of runday run. That was the day when I made my best time.

When I run, I have sorta creative thoughts.

I really like runday and location I’ve selected. Runday is a friendly place!